Electrical Substation

Electrical Substation

Many industry experts believe a substation is a utility’s most critical asset. Building, operating and maintaining substations is expensive. Even with the advent of some “touchless substations,” which include software systems that eliminate visual inspection and diagnostic tests, when a utility wants to repair a substation or switchyard, utility managers still need construction crews. Three Phase brings the resources and experience to safely construct these most valuable assets, tackle a scheduled maintenance project or undertake the full array of substation engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).


With Three Phase on board, substation clients enjoy:

excellent lines of communication

project managers with experience

safely performed work

well-maintained, reliable equipment

a financially secure and well-capitalized company

Our services include:

  • Installing transformers, circuit switchers, breakers, switchgear, bus systems
  • Putting in place power, control and medium- and high-voltage cabling
  • Connecting security, monitoring and access control systems
  • Erecting structures and control buildings, setting up protection and control systems
  • Laying out ground grids, conduit and duct banks
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Setting and connecting capacitor banks and reactors